Lose weight in 7 days with these 5 steps!


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Stop trying every new diet and weight loss pill that comes out! Nutrition is much easier than you might think. I help you take the guess work out of nutrition and tell you how to create healthy habits that last. 


Get functional training workouts that you can do in your gym. I give you step by step directions on these workouts, and tell you exactly how to do them AND how to modify them.

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Interested in learning new exercises? Find out new and exciting movements that you can perform, and know the exact steps on how to do them PLUS how to progress up to them.

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Not sure on what equipment and supplements are best? Check out some of the reviews guides that I have made so you know what works and will last.

Lose weight in 7 days with these 5 steps!

about home training gym

Home Training Gym is a health and fitness website that was created to help young adults (like me) develop health habits that are sustainable and make fitness very simple! 

I grew up in the fitness world playing almost every sport. I was in decent shape but I wanted to be better. After high school I had to start working out on my own, and I had no one telling me how to workout or eat. I would go to a regular gym and do the basic lifts with running. That barely got me anywhere. 

I knew I needed someone to help guide me. I found the sport of fitness while I was going to A&M and loved it. I ended up becoming a trainer at the gym I went to and started working with individuals that range from 12 years old to 60+, and people who have never worked out a day in their life to Olympic athletes. 

I learned a ton from the other trainers there about exercising and eating, but one thing that I was still lost on was the why. Why are we exercising this way? Why are we eating like this? What benefits do these things have? I knew that if I could understand the why about these things and some of the science behind it that it would make fitness and nutrition a lot easier to understand both for me, and when I explain it to others.

I can say that I created this site to get rid of all the misconceptions out there about eating and exercising, but a lot of fitness websites say that now. Are there a lot of misconceptions out there? Yes. Does this site help you know the truth about them? Yes, but this site also helps you know the benefits of exercises, why you do certain things, creating healthy habits, some of the real science behind working out, muscle gain, fat loss, and much more!

Training Experience

Training Experience

Alex Pappas

Trainer through NASM and CrossFit Level 1:

Personal Trainer

CrossFit Trainer

Online Trainer

Lose weight in 7 days with these 5 steps!


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